IoT Security Foundation: Secure Payments

We’re pleased to announce that Chip and Pin Direct is now a member of the IoT (Internet of Things) Security Foundation!

The mission of the IoT Security Foundation is to make the Internet of Things secure, to aid its adoption and maximise its benefits. To do this IoTSF promotes knowledge and clear best practice in excellent, appropriate security – to those who specify, make and use IoT products and systems.

With smart devices becoming more and more commonplace within the last few years, it’s little wonder that 4G/5G is fast becoming the go-to option to get connected, with business services being no exception.

The economic impact of the Internet of Things will be measured in $trillions, the number of connected devices will be measured in billions, and the resultant benefits of a connected society are significant, disruptive and transforming.

Along with the many societal, environmental and economic benefits, the rapidly expanding connected world represents a growing attack surface for adversaries of all denominations. Everyday vulnerabilities in IoT are being exploited with malicious intent – yet the vast majority of them can be prevented simply and cost-effectively.

When it comes to payments, both online and offline, security is paramount. Keeping your systems secure, means customers can trust you (and your payment providers) with their sensitive payment card information.

For chip and pin payments, we offer a range range of Ingenico terminals, which are secure, reliable and super fast. These use a direct and dedicated 4G/5G connection, giving you a high level of security and means ongoing PCI compliance is a breeze.

Looking at online and e-commerce, we partner with SagePay (Opayo) to offer an incredibly secure and reliable payment gateway. SagePay is reliable, secure and importantly, trusted by consumers, meaning improved sales and less friction at checkout!

To learn more about the IoT Security Foundation, visit their website at: