About Chip and Pin Direct

Chip and Pin Direct is a family firm based in Scotland / North East England.

Since 2014 we’ve helped more than 1200 businesses throughout the UK break free from unfair banking fees and unreliable card payment systems.

Chip and Pin Direct originally began installing Chip and Pin devices in shops, restaurants, offices, cruise ships, garages, and other enterprises all over the country. 

We quickly learned lots of our clients had similar problems:

Excessive Bank Fees

Charges taken by the bank are not transparent, can be unfairly expensive, and may creep up higher every year.

Poor Technical Support

If a card machine stops working, staff can’t troubleshoot it. The bank and ISP blame each other. It takes hours or days to get a response.

Wired Connection Only

If there’s no physical phone line, card payment is assumed not to be possible.

Blocked by IT Department

Chip and Pin machines can’t easily be installed in existing IT networks, and may be blocked by system administrators.

Confusing & Time Consuming

Businesses must deal with multiple companies to get a card machine, and organise everything by themselves.

We’ve solved these, over and over.

That’s when it became clear our clients didn’t need us to install a card machine – they needed a better Chip and Pin service.

So we became that service.

We’re a single point of contact between you and everything that makes your Chip and Pin machine work.

We’ll liaise with your bank and internet provider, set up your 4G/5G broadband router and card machines, keep it all working, and make sure you’re not paying a penny more than you have to.

You can choose your preferred Merchant Services and easily switch providers to keep your rates current and competitive. With our links to several merchant banks, we can even offer better prices than you would get by going to them directly.

We’re committed to introducing new cost-saving ideas that will keep your finances tight.

Engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and problems can usually be fixed in a few minutes.