Chip & Pin Installation

  • FREE 4G wireless broadband router *
  • Multi-network SIM from Jola Cloud Solutions
  • Secure direct connection to the bank
  • PCI compliance
  • Ingenico Chip & Pin or Contactless card machines
  • Installation and support via an engineer
  • Custom bank arrangement with cost reduction
  • One point of contact for everything
  • Rapid response technical support (4 - 24 hours, UK wide)
  • Annual Rate Review
* Free with a support contract

Upgrade to 4G/5G broadband

Take payments faster, more securely and more reliably than ever before, thanks to our partnership with Jola Cloud Solutions.

A 4G/5G connection gives you the speed of Wi-Fi, the reliability of a fixed line, and the portability of a SIM card, all in one.

Direct Connection

When we say direct, we really mean it! With every Chip & Pin installation, we’ll also provide a direct connection to your merchant bank via a dedicated 4G/5G router. This allows your payments to work fully independently of any existing equipment or network.

If you’re considering upgrading from a fixed line chip and pin machine, now is the time to take action – BT have announced standard PSTN telephone lines will be discontinued by 2025.

E-commerce & Ticketing

Now more than ever, customers expect to interact with your business both online and on mobile. At Chip & Pin direct, we can tailor the perfect e-commerce solution, alongside cost effective merchant services for taking payments online.

For events and attractions, we also offer online and mobile ticketing systems, allowing your customers to book online easily.

VoIP over 5G

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make and receive phonecalls over the internet instead of the traditional phone system.

  • Less expensive than a landline or mobile phone
  • Use your business number from anywhere in the world
  • Ideal for working from home or telecommuting
  • Allows you to use other technology such as fax to email

Single User

£3 per month
Ideal for startups or sole traders

Multi User

From £6 per month
For established businesses

PCI Compliance

With Chip and Pin Direct, your direct connection resolves many common security issues, and switching from a phone line to a SIM card simplifies the PCI compliance and reporting process.